Real Estate Ready, Inc.
Renovations & Property Services
Project Process
The following outline details the typical process that Real Estate Ready, Inc.  follows from project initiation to completion.


  1. Initial phone call or email scheduling a site visit.
  2. Meet with client to discuss project desired.
  3. Prepare and submit project proposal.
  4. Finalize details with client.
  5. Schedule project.

Project Preparation

  1. First payment due (typically 1/3 of overall project cost)
  2. Obtain building permit.
  3. Project review with homeowner.
  4. Order materials.
  5. Schedule sub-contractors if needed.
  6. Owner removes home items from work area and walkways.

Durring Project

  1. Demolition
  2. Project Activities (rough in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, insulating, sheet rocking or other, tiling, painting, finish carpentry, fixture installation, flooring, etc...)
  3. Second payment due. (Typically 1/3 of overall project cost)
  4. Meetings with homeowner to discuss progress and or questions regarding project.
  5. Project substantially completed, punch list is developed.

Project Completion

  1. Punch list items addressed.
  2. Final payment due. (Typically 1/3 of overall project cost)         




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